A HOMEOWNER has warned that potholes near his house could cause serious injury to people - after he fell into one and hurt his hand.

Barry McCullock, 70, lives in Glenshee Drive, a residential street which leads onto Armadale Road.

The main road, which is close to Deane Golf Club, has a stretch of several deep potholes, which Barry describes as “intense degradation.”

He says the potholes, several of which are grouped together, pose a potential risk to both pedestrians and drivers.

Bolton Council say the road is on a list of sites that require action - and have committed to fixing it as part of a £12m project to repair roads across the borough.

Mr McCullock said: “It is certainly a hazard to people and could cause damage to vehicles. There are a lot of elderly people in bungalows near me and they could be seriously hurt.

“I fell in one and it caused a minor injury to my hand, but it was more my dignity that was hurt than anything else.”

Mr McCullock, who has lived in the area for four years, says he has written to MP Chris Green about the issue to try and ensure action is taken before a "serious incident".

He said: “I have written to Chris Green and told him to put pressure on the people responsible.

“The council has acknowledged it but I haven’t seen any change.

"It has always been bad but heavy vehicles and contractors working on gas works have been going up the road recently."

A spokesperson for Bolton Council said: “This council has committed £12m to repairing and improving residential roads across the borough.

“Armadale Road is listed among the roads approved for resurfacing and residents can check our website for regular updates of when work is due to take place.

“The full programme of repairs will take a number of months to complete and we appreciate everyone’s patience while they wait for work to be completed.”

This week, the RAC said breakdowns caused by potholes had increased by a fifth across the country during the last three months of 2019.

They said drivers were 1.7 times more likely to break down as a result of a pothole than they were in 2006.