A BURGLAR is behind bars after ignoring a judge's offer to stay out of jail by cooperating with the probation services.

Karl Mottley had pleaded guilty to burgling the home of his partner's grandfather and stealing a safe containing £4,000 and items of sentimental value on April 14 last


He had also admitted attempted burglary, possessing cannabis and going equipped to steal with a crowbar and screwdriver after he was spotted coming out of the back of a property in South Street, Bolton, on April 28.

Mottley, aged 52, of Curzon Road, Heaton, also pleaded guilty to stealing toys from Asda in Rawtenstall on January 29 and B&M on March 5.

On August 19 last year Judge Graeme Smith adjourned sentencing to give Mottley a chance to prove he could work with the authorities to address his drug problems but he did not co-operate and on December 2 he failed to turn up at court.

But Robert Elias, defending, said: "It's quite clear that there has not been any real engagement with Inspire (substance misuse service) or the probation service to, in any institutional way, to address Mr Mottley's drug addiction," said Robert Elias, defending.

"Indeed there is some evidence that he was taking heroin when the probation service came to visit him.

"However, he does tell me that he has, of his own volition, substantially addressed his own addiction.

"The court could be generous and take the view that he has actually got to desired position, albeit by a non-orthodox route."

Mottley also failed to turn up at court for sentencing on December 2.

"He says that he hadn't got the money to come to Bolton. He has, therefore, stuck his head in the sand since November," said Mr Elias.

Judge Smith was not impressed with Mottley's lack of engagement.

The judge sentenced Mottley to immediate prison of 20 months and two weeks.

He told him: "Mr Elias says that you have a strong personality. I think that is undoubtedly right but I had given a very firm outline of the terms on which I would be prepared to suspend a sentence and you have chosen to prefer your own


" I am afraid that is something I simply cannot countenance, quite apart from the fact that I have no doubt that you would continue to prefer your own route and not comply with any terms that I impose.

"If you were not prepared to comply with them to avoid a prison sentence, there is no good reason why I would now believe you would comply with them."