A BOLTON firm says thieves who stole a safe will be left dissatisfied ­— when they discover the saucy contents.

Bolton Stone Restoration Limited was the victim of the burglary last week ­— with a gang of four working hard to liberate a heavy safe.

But bosses have revealed the only thing left in the secure container was a novelty sex toy ­— left in a luxury car which had been hired out to a hen party.

John Lynch, the owner of the company, has posted footage of the burglars tearing out an entire window as they push the safe to the ground, struggling to push it towards a car and haul it into the boot.

But, their efforts would have surely felt wasted when they finally got a look at what was inside, a large glow-in-the-dark vibrator.

Mr Lynch discovered that his safe was missing after being alerted to a break-in shortly after 8.30pm.

The 51-year-old said: “We’re not perverted, it was left in a limousine I used to hire out and it was just chucked in the safe because it was brand new.

“It was a gang of Bolton girls on a hen do that left it there.

“I just hope it’s not one of their boyfriends coming back for it.”

His office at Unit 17, Tonge Bridge Industrial Estate, was damaged in the incident on January 7.

When the thieves attempted to push the safe out of the window, the whole structure has topped to the ground along with it.

The commotion knocked over their ladders, and the burglars were been forced to jump from the window.

Jane Jackson, office manager at Bolton Stone Restoration, said: “We’re shocked by the way these people have specifically targeted our company and knew exactly what they came for and where it was.

“We believe that an ex-employee may have leaked the information of the whereabouts of the safe and this in itself upsets us as we were good enough at one point to give that person a job if that’s the case.

“The lengths they went to also shows how dangerous these individuals are ­— to come so mob-handed and ready kitted up with the specific tools needed is really disturbing.”

The firm is offering a “generous reward” for information leading to the recovery of the safe.

Contact the company on 01204 559994 to report details.

A spokeswoman from GMP said: “At around 9.15pm on Tuesday January 7, 2020, police were called to reports of a burglary on Tonge Bridge Way, Bolton."