A NUMBER of roadworks are starting this week and are expected to cause disruption across the town.

Motorists using Blackrod Bypass, at the junction of Station Road, are expected to experience delays due to a lane closure throughout this week.

Bolton Road in Kearsley will be disrupted by a lane closure tomorrow and Tuesday for gas works.

Broadford Road, at the junction of Junction Road in Bolton will have two way signals from tomorrow until Tuesday, also for gas works.

Two way signals will continue during off peak hours on Captains Clough Road until Wednesday as part of a traffic calming scheme.

Chorley Street will be disrupted by two way signals all week until Monday January 27 for construction. The signals will be manned during peak hours.

Douglas Close in Horwich will continue to have two way signals until January 31, which is expected to cause disruption. The carriageway is being resurfaced.

Fold Road in Stoneclough will have two way signals until Thursday for National Grid works.

In Little Lever, High Street will have two way signals for a new gas main until February 2.

Multi-way signals will continue in Green Lane, Horwich until Wednesday, causing high levels of disruption for BT works.

Road closures will be in place in Holly Street, near Blackburn Road, for resurfacing until January 28. There is also surfacing works in Pioneer Street, Horwich, until January 31.

There will be significant disruption on Lower Bridgeman Street near Globe Mill with a lane closure during off-peak hours. The delays will continue until January 31.

Smithills Croft Road in Bolton will have two way signals during off-peak hours until Sunday as a traffic calming measure. Turton Road will also have two way signals during off-peak hours until Friday for carriageway patching.