A FURIOUS husband viciously attacked a counsellor who was trying to help his estranged wife.

Terence Stokes, aged 74, was left with a bleed on the brain and five broken ribs after he was punched and kicked by 53-year-old Abdul Hussain.

Recorder Mark Ainsworth sentenced Hussain to two years in prison and told him: “Given the severity of this assault and given the impact upon Mr Stokes, it seems to me that appropriate punishment in this case can only be achieved by the imposition of an immediate sentence of imprisonment.”

Simon Barrett, prosecuting, told the court how Hussain and his wife married in 2001 and had two children but after they separated and she moved to a new home Mr Stokes became friendly with her.

Recorder Ainsworth was told that Hussain blamed Mr Stokes for the break-up of the marriage and had made threats towards him via his former wife.

On January 21 last year Mr Stokes travelled to Bolton to visit Hussain’s wife at her new address and help her with some DIY.

But while he was there Hussain turned up, banging on the door and ringing the bell before barging into the property.

Seeing Mr Stokes, he told him: “I’ll f***ing kill you. My wife doesn’t need a counsellor.”

Hussain then repeatedly attacked the victim, kicking him in the ribs, causing him to fall on the floor.

Hussain continued the assault, punching and kicking numerous times, even when Mr Stokes had an asthma attack and had to use an inhaler.

Mr Stokes was only allowed to leave the house when Hussain’s wife warned him she was phoning the police.

But Mr Stokes, who was badly injured, did not get far — he collapsed in the street and had to be helped by passers by.

He was rushed to hospital where he remained for 10 days having treatment for a bruised head and face, a bleed to the brain and five fractured ribs.

In a victim statement Mr Stoke told the court he was frightened of the defendant.

“The defendant at the time told him he would haunt him,” said Mr Barrett, who added that the victim now walks slowly, is forgetful and finds everyday tasks difficult.

Hussain, of Bury Road, Bolton, pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm.

Rachel White, defending, stressed that Hussain has never been before the crown court before and produced numerous statements from people to testify about his character.