A DRIVER has been injured after two thugs attacked him with a spanner and screwdriver and then stole his car.

Connor Sherrington was parked in Tarbet Drive, Breightmet, waiting to pick up a friend, when the assault took place.

Two men, aged between 18 and 22, climbed into the 25-year-old’s white VW, “grabbed him by the throat, beat him around the head with a spanner, took his belongings and then made off in the car”, the family claim.

Connor suffered bruising and minor cuts to his head, face, neck, hands and legs.

His mother Lorraine said the incident has left the family “in a state of shock” and urged anyone with information to call the police.

Ms Sherrington, who lives in Bradley Fold, said: “As Connor was waiting for his friend, he noticed two lads walk by his car on the driver’s side.

"The next thing his back passenger door and driver’s door were opened. The one in the back grabbed him around his throat and started to strangle him. The one at the front began to hit him around the head and face with a spanner. He had a screwdriver and was trying to stab him in the ribs.

"They pushed him to the passenger side and one was shouting ‘just drive’. He told them to take the car and go. He somehow managed to get out and they sped off.”

She added: “It is horrific to think you can be sat in your own car, minding your own business, and someone think they have the right to batter you and take your belongings. You feel like you are not safe anywhere.”

The assault happened at about 9.30pm on Monday. Offenders took Connor’s car and Samsung phone.

Connor’s friend called the emergency services at about 9.45pm. Police are understood to have patrolled the area overnight and are checking CCTV footage.

A spokeswoman for the North West Ambulance Service said: “We were called at about 9.45pm to a private address. We did not take anyone to hospital.”

Friends have rallied round Connor on social media, with individuals describing the incident as a “disgrace”, “terrible” and others wishing him a speedy recovery.

Photos of his car are being shared on Facebook in a bid to track down the vehicle and catch those responsible.

Ms Sherrington said: “They both had hoods up and one had a scarf over his mouth and nose. One had a full-grown beard.

“Please check your CCTV. These two men were armed. If they aren’t caught, this could happen again. If anyone know who these men are please contact the police.”

A police spokesman said: “It is believed the victim was attacked by one of the men with a spanner.

“The offenders fled the scene in the man’s car and headed towards Bolton town centre. Both men are described as white and were both wearing puffa jackets. One of the men is described as having bushy beard.”

Anyone with information should call police on 0161 856 5737.