A TAXI driver who failed to tell licensing chiefs of a previous conviction has been suspended from working.

The man was caught speeding in April of last year but failed to tell Bolton Council until 46 days after he was required to.

A meeting of the Licensing Committee held at Bolton Town Hall last week heard that the driver had previously been warned after failing to reveal similar offences in 2017.

It also came to light during the course of the meeting that he had attended a speed awareness course in 2018.

He had not been carrying any passengers at the time of the offence but the committee judged he was not "fit and proper" and gave him a two-week suspension.

Explaining the decision, the council's minutes said: "Drivers have a duty to adhere to speeding limits at all times and exceeding them can be a real danger to the public.

"Drivers have a duty to declare convictions in accordance with the conditions of their licence.

"There is therefore reasonable cause to suspend the licence as a warning and a deterrent."

At the same meeting a second driver was issues with a warning letter for similar offences.

The hearing was not held in public, meaning the name of the driver was not revealed, however minutes from the hearing have since been made available.