A KNIFEMAN remains on the run as his accomplice was jailed for two and a half years following a vicious attack on a driver.

Bolton Crown Court heard how Yakub Thompson was charged with causing grievous bodily harm to Daniel Finney, who was left with a 5cm cut to his left cheek following an altercation in St Helens Road on October 20 last year.

Hayley Bennett, prosecuting, told The Honorary Recorder of Bolton, Martin Walsh: “Mr Thompson was arrested but has since made off and is at large.

“It is accepted that Mr Thompson was the person directly responsible for the cuts to the face.”

The Bolton News: Yakub ThompsonYakub Thompson

Thompson’s accomplice, 21-year-old Daniel Lee, who punched Mr Finney, pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm and was sentenced via a video link from prison.

Miss Bennett told how 30-year-old Mr Finney, his partner and their son were driving down St Helens Road in the early hours of Sunday October 20 when they were stopped by a man who was stood in the middle of the road.

“The complainant and this male exchanged words and the male said he had nearly run him over,” said Miss Bennett.

Then Lee ran up to the car, shouting ‘”who the f*** is this?”

Mr Finney pulled over to the side of the road so he could speak to the men.

“The defendant [Lee] was shouting and swearing at the complainant about his friend being in the road and as the young child in the car began to cry, the complainant got out of the car to confront the defendant,” said Miss Bennett.

The Bolton News: Daniel LeeDaniel Lee

Lee started to walk off, saying he wasn’t going to fight him, but then lunged at Mr Finney, punching him in the face on his left cheek. Thompson, aged 26, then also attacked Mr Finney, hitting him in face with a weapon, thought to be a knife, before he and Lee ran off.

“The complainant felt blood from his face but didn’t see the implement that caused the injury,” said Miss Bennett.

An off-duty nurse gave Mr Finney first aid until paramedics could take him to hospital.

The court heard that Mr Finney, who was said to have be suffering from post traumatic stress, suffered a 5cm laceration which needed surgery, had to have a tooth removed and stitches to a cut on his shoulder.

Lee, of Longfield Road, Deane, was arrested four days later after he was found hiding in a cupboard at his grandmother’s home.

As well as admitting causing grievous bodily harm to Mr Finney, Lee pleaded guilty to robbing a 15-year-old boy of a mobile phone in the early hours of New Year’s Day 2018.

The boy, who had received the phone for Christmas, was using it outside a friend’s house in Longfield Road when Lee punched him and stole the phone.

Nicholas Clarke, defending, said that Lee is remorseful and stressed that in the road attack he had a lesser role and did not have a weapon.

He said: “These two offences were committed in 2018. During the course of that time Mr Lee was effectively homeless, drinking and to take words from a letter he has written to your honour,’doing stupid things’.”

Mr Clarke said that since being subsequently sent to prison for carrying a knife his behaviour and attitude has changed.

“He wants to apologise to the victims in relation to these offences,” said Mr Clarke.

“He’s clearly a young man capable of providing the world with honest, conscientious hard work and he wishes to do that as soon as possible.”