TWO cars were destroyed in a ‘carnage’ hit-and-run incident in which a mum pushing her baby in a pram was narrowly missed.

Pedestrians were left terrified as a white Audi ran down the pavement at high speed before smashing into two parked cars and making off.

Police rushed to the scene in Longworth Road, near Horwich Community Centre, at around 1.45pm on Tuesday, say witnesses.

Hannah Wright was walking along the 20mph street, pushing her 11-month-old daughter in her pram, when she heard the Audi behind her.

She said: “As soon as I was aware of it speeding behind me, the Audi travelling about 50mph flew in front of me onto the pavement.

“I thought it was going to plough headfirst into the shop, but the driver managed to straighten up and continued down the pavement, still at some speed.

“It hit parked cars, which it took down the road with it. There were lots of sparks and parts of the car and the other cars were flying off.”

The terrified witness said the Audi flew around the corner, carrying on into Beaumont Road. “At first I assumed they had lost control but when they didn’t attempt to brake or stop, and kept going down the pavement, I checked to see if any other cars were coming as they were driving like they were in a police chase.”

Ms Wright described the ‘carnage’ that ensued before her eyes as she called the emergency services. “I didn’t know at the time whether the other cars had drivers in, I was just watching the pile-up happen and thinking it was going to be carnage and multiple casualties."

Chloe Morris says her parked car was written off in the crash. She was in her office at the community centre when she heard the bang.

“I ran out to see what had happened. The car had been completely manoeuvred into the centre of the road, completely blocking it.

Ms Morris says the police told her the Audi was using stolen plates and was discovered later that day, dumped in Rivington.

The Horwich residents say that dangerous driving is all too familiar for people in the area.

Ms Wright said: “There’s a strong community, and we are aware there are a few problematic drivers and incidents of stolen cars in the area at the moment. I hope it’s a wake-up call for them and they manage to change their life path."

Police have been contacted for comment.