YASMIN Qureshi has revealed that her mother died from sepsis as she made a Westminster plea for faster NHS diagnosis and treatment of the often fatal infection complication.

The 56-year-old Labour MP dedicated her June 2017 Bolton South-East election victory to mum Sakina, who died in hospital during the campaign.

Ms Qureshi revealed the cause of death for the first time in a House of Commons NHS debate during a speech by former health secretary Jeremy Hunt.

She told him: “Three years ago my mother died of sepsis. Sepsis is still a big problem that needs to be addressed in hospitals.”

Mr Hunt said: “We have made huge progress in sepsis care, and the vast majority of people who go to A&E now are checked for sepsis, but mistakes still happen.

"We must not be complacent about the things that go wrong.”

Ms Qureshi said afterwards: “My mother died a few days short of her 85th birthday in the Royal Bolton Hospital.

“She had low kidney function, blood pressure problems and bowel cancer.

“She started throwing up so I took her to the Royal Bolton where she developed sepsis, causing organ failure, and she died. It all happened very quickly.

“I am concerned the NHS needs to speed up the diagnosis and treatment of sepsis.

“I believe that if my mother, who was a very ill woman, had been given intravenous antibiotics earlier, she might have lived a few months longer.

“It is important the identification and care of sepsis by the NHS is improved which is why I raised her case. I am not criticising her care at the Royal Bolton”

Ms Qureshi also called for government investment and action in the NHS to cut accident and emergency waiting times, boost GP and NHS dentist numbers, and mental health provision for young people.

Health minister Edward Argar said: “We are delivering the longest and largest cash settlement in the history of the NHS, and we are providing the investment the NHS itself said it needed.”