OUT-of-control bashes at a rental 'party house' are causing trouble ­— according to fed-up residents.

As many as 40 ‘screaming and shouting’ teenagers can pile into the Airbnb holiday home used for parties, according to the frustrated neighbours.

The terraced property, in Blackburn Road, Egerton, is available to book on holiday accommodation site Airbnb and has previously been available on other similar sites, including Booking.com.

On Saturday night, the area was again hit with a house party filled with rowdy teenagers at the property. Residents say they emerged to find the street littered with broken beer bottles and gas cannisters.

A neighbour in the area said: “There were around 20 kids there on Saturday, but there has been as many as 30 to 40 at least.

“They are screaming, shouting, fighting. The music is so loud you could literally sing along to the music that was being played, the house shakes. It’s really unpleasant.

“It does not look good for the area, having that many kids screaming and shouting.”

Airbnb said it had no previous reports of any issues with the property ­— acrososs the road from the Thomas Egerton pub ­— but residents say this weekend’s party was far from a one-off.

Instead, it is another addition to two years of problems while the house has been advertised on accommodation sites.

The same neighbour said: “I have contacted the owner via Airbnb on numerous occasions to stop this happening but I have never had a response.

“There was once a party on a Thursday night going on until 6.30am and the police were called. There have been around five or six parties in the last two months.

“People have been in tears about it when it goes on so late, it can be quite intimidating. It’s just this house we have had issues with, there’s not many Airbnbs available in the area and people just seem to hone in on it.”

The holiday home service says it responded to a complaint made this weekend, made through the website’s Neighbour Support Tool, and removed the person who booked the home from the service.

“The guest is no longer on the platform, and we are providing the host with our support.

“We prohibit unauthorised events and take action when issues are brought to our attention. With two million guests staying on Airbnb each night, incidents are incredibly rare.”

The owner of the property told The Bolton News that the terrace is not a party house and that he shut the party down at 10.30pm.

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But another local resident said: “This is not a one-off event. I have sympathy for the owners as I guess this may be difficult to screen, but I believe historical complaints have fallen on deaf ears.”