THE leader of Bolton Council Labour group Cllr Linda Thomas has written to town Tory MP Mark Logan expressing fears the authority could lose £6.6million under a government review.

She quotes analysis of Whitehall's ‘Fair Funding Review’ by the Conservative-led Local Government Association.

Cllr Thomas tells Mr Logan: "It show that the 'Review of Relative Needs and Resources' will have a devastating effect on local adult social care funding in our area.

"The figures expose the fair Funding Review for what it really is: just another Conservative plan to take hundreds of millions from deprived communities and funnel it towards leafy Tory shires..

"Our council will lose £4.5m of its young adult social care funding, and £2.1m from social care funding for older people – a combined loss of £6.6m. Yet in comparison Tory-run Surrey County council will see their funding increase by a total of over £26m. These changes will shift vital funding to richer areas of the country at the expense of further hardship on our area – and once again the most vulnerable of your constituents will lose out."

New Bolton North-East MP Mr Logan said: "This has no basis in fact. It is just scaremongering . The settlement for 2020/21 is the best in a decade: a 4.4 per cent real terms increase."