BOLTON boxer Amir Khan has paid a visit to a new interactive charity exhibition in the Market Place Shopping Centre.

The former world champion took a trip to the town centre outlet to look at the 'Village of Hope' display - an "immersive experience" telling the story of 13-year-old girl, Isata, and her family, who live in a remote village in Sierra Leone.

The exhibition will be in place from January 6 until February 23 and was created by charity World Vision UK.

One hut depicts the family’s reality over a decade ago, while the second hut shows how much their life has changed through sponsorship from World Vision.

Shaan Malik, Experiential Fundraising Assistant Manager at Village of Hope, said: “I used to box at Amir’s boxing club as a youngster, so I recognised him instantly.

"I know he’s a big supporter of youth charities, so it was great to have the opportunity to show him the installation and explain how the project is changing children’s lives for the better."

Before becoming a sponsored child, Isata and her family lived in a remote village where even fetching water – which was often dirty – meant walking for half an hour.

Their thatched hut would flood during rainy seasons and because of their living conditions, as well as lack of clean water, Isata and her family would often get sick with colds, diarrhoea and malaria.

The World Vision sponsorship programme has given the youngster's family a tin-roofed house near a borehole, meaning they can now drink clean water and she can go to school.

Nikki Wilson-Cook, Centre Manager at Market Place, said: “This award-winning installation is a great way for families and school children to understand the challenges faced by children in third world countries.

"Uplifting and truly educational, we’re delighted to support the work of World Vision as part of our long-term programme of involvement with charities and community initiatives.”