A SUPERMARKET in Bolton that scrapped car parking charges a week after a fine row has new rules.

Morrisons in Black Horse Street now features new signs on the car park, reflecting the updated policy of a free two-hour limit.

At the end of last year, customers had to pay £1 for the car park, run by Euro Car Parks. But some fell foul of the new rule, saying the signs were not clear.

The supermarket was criticised in particular by a woman who was fined £50 for not paying £1 when she parked in a disabled space.

Ann Hunt was coming back from a hospital visit with her 93-year-old mother Doris when they decided to go to the store.

The pair parked in a blue badge space at the car park and - after a quick check of the nearest signs - thought they would be exempt from paying the £1 fee.

However, a week after the visit, Ms Hunt received a letter including a £50 fine, which would rise to £85 if it was not paid within two weeks.

She paid the bill but said the supermarket’s signage was “confusing” and that the "punishment doesn't fit the crime."

She warned that the signs could catch other drivers out.

Shortly after, the car park policy was changed and drivers no longer had to pay the £1.

Ms Hunt says Euro Car Parks, who operate ANPR cameras at the site, have since agreed to refund the fine and welcomed the news that parking fees have been removed.

She said: “I didn't realise that my letter would generate so many comments from other readers.

“It's great that Morrison's have listened and are now rethinking how they deal with car parking at the store.

“A manager at the store assured me that Euro Car Parks will be refunding my £50 within two weeks.”

A spokeswoman for the supermarket giant said: “The pay and display machines are covered up at the moment and do not need to be used by customers.

“However, the maximum stay is two hours and there is an ANPR system in place which is still operating.”