BOLTON Council is set to extra funding from the government – but it could it cost taxpayers in the borough.

The local authority will benefit from £6.2m of additional cash for adult social care next year.

But borough treasurer Sue Johnson told the audit committee this week that the new money could result in a council tax hike.

She said: “The government hasn’t said that if you don’t increase council tax you will not get this grant. However, the assumption is that our needs are so great that, in addition to the grant, you will have to put your council tax up. I would be extremely surprised if they take any action against us, but there was an assumption.

“Very clearly, it’s a decision of the council in February. It’s absolutely a decision for members here. But that’s the wording that they have used."

The adult social care precept of the council tax bill could rise by two per cent in April. Miss Johnson confirmed that her comments were related to this part of the bill only.