THE owner of a rental home insists it is not a ‘party house’ ­— despite neighbours complaints of ‘house-shaking’ bashes.

An out-of-control party at an Airbnb holiday home left neighbours furious, with 20 rowdy teenagers filling up the house on Saturday night.

Residents say they emerged to find the street littered with broken beer bottles and gas cannisters.

But the person who booked the Airbnb was fraudulent, according to the owner of the property in Blackburn Road.

The owner says the guest told him that three people wanted to stay to visit a local beer festival and provided the ID of a woman in her 30s online to secure the booking.

The owner says he had no way of knowing what the guests’ real intentions were.

He said: “The guest stipulated it was not for a party, neither were we aware of their true intention. There was nothing abnormal about the booking, nothing untoward.

“As owners, we have never and do not sanction any parties or have approved any kind of party to take place at our property.

“I understand it is distressing for the neighbours but as soon as it was reported we shut it down immediately."

The owner says that as soon as he received a complaint from a resident, he arrived at the premises and says he was surprised to find youths.

He said: “I received a message on the Airbnb portal. As soon as I received the message, I responded straight away.

“I dealt with the party and shut it down. They were all being kicked out by 10.30pm. It was absolutely disgraceful.”

An Airbnb spokesman said the guest has been removed from the accommodation website in response to the incident. The service also said it had no previous reports of any issues with the property.

But Egerton residents say the party was not a one-off for the house.

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A neighbour in the area said they have complained to the owner.

But the property owner says the claim that there has been a number of parties is false.

He said: “The most we have had is a neighbour stating that noise is coming from the property and when that happened, we have asked the guests to be respectful, but how people feel about noise is subjective.

“I refute the suggestion my property is used as a party house and we have taken advice from Airbnb on how to further strengthen the vetting process to weed out fraudulent bookings.

“I take being an Airbnb host very seriously. Now we are going to be looking at requesting the ID before they get the keys to the house so we can check them against the online booking.”