THE results of our second referendum poll show that a large portion of Bolton residents would have kept their original decision to leave the European Union.

However combined votes saw the majority of the voters would have voted remain in the referendum, meaning the majority of voters in the poll wanted to remain in the EU.

From the thousands of voters who took part, 41 per cent said they would have still voted leave a second time round.

39 per cent of voters said they would stay remain, with 12 per cent of voters changing their minds and said they would now vote remain.

Eight per cent of voters said they would now vote leave.

The Bolton News:

Bolton News readers posted their views on social media.

Commenting on the poll, Bolton News reader Ray Quirk said: "Absolutely not. More resolute than ever that leave is the correct decision, especially given the antics of the EU during negotiations so far."

Gill Whiteley said: "I voted leave. If I had to vote again today I would still vote leave."

However Jacquie Finney said: "Remain.

"Still waiting to hear one of the benefits of leaving (apart from the blue passports of course)."

Robert Saunders said: "Remain. It would take a lot to persuade that it would actually improve the UK and benefits us citizen and not just the rich."

Dean Hornby said :"Let it go, we did vote again it was called the general election and it was a landslide."