A small group attempted to set fire to an EU flag outside Bolton town hall to mark Brexit.

The handful of people tried to get the flag burning whilst standing in Victoria Square on Friday night to hear the bells bong to mark the UK's departure from the European Union.

The flag refused to burn, as there are safety regulations that require flags to be made from fireproof materials.

One female attendee attempted to dissuade the group from their quest, being heard to say: "There's no need to burn flags".

The group continued until it became apparent that the flag would not ignite, when they tore it apart.

Danny Crompton, who filmed the incident, said: "I think they'd had a few to drink before coming and one guy was being goaded by another group of people to burn the flag.

"He was a bit reluctant at first but after a bit of pressure he started trying to set it on fire.

"For grown guys to act like that is a bit disgusting, they were singing God Save the Queen but stopped after one verse.

"One guy was getting a little irritated with them, he said he was ex-forces and the idiots didn't know the words to the National Anthem."