A NEW café is hoping to prove a knockout with Bolton residents - with the business being located in Tyson Fury’s old gym.

The supervisor of the business has boasted that he believes that the prices for the business are the “cheapest in Bolton” and that the menu is packed full of variety for everyone in the community.

Desi Nashta is planning to make a splash in the Halliwell area and wants people to know that it is unlike any local breakfast and food establishments.

Fury, the former heavyweight champion of the world, stopped using the gym around a year ago and the building in Halliwell Road was snapped up by Desi Nashta.

Irfan Nekiwala, a supervisor at the new cafe and restaurant, said: “We decided to open up a back-home style Indian breakfast for the Bolton people. It is spacious, there is food for everyone in the community. It is for everyone.”

Mr Nekiwala said his friend runs a similar business in the south and after seeing the success of the blended approach to cuisine, he decided to bring the style up north.

The food provides a fusion of all manner of dishes - with it providing breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Items on the menu range from a full English breakfast to traditional Indian breakfasts and burgers.

The Indian breakfasts include Masala egg omelettes, coffee and side dishes and breads of the customer’s choice.

The branch also promises Bombay-style street food, which includes Indian pastries and spring rolls.

Mr Nekiwala added: “The prices are cheap. What I thought is that places have breakfasts for £7 or £8, but with a family of four coming out–– they can’t afford the prices. - £5.99 for a breakfast, £2.99 for on the go breakfast items - I think it is the cheapest in Bolton.

“They can sit down and enjoy it. I’m going to add a little play area for the kids as we go along and people can enjoy it and the community can come together for it.”

The café was due to open in a low-key event today, with Mr Nekiwala promising a grand opening with balloons, special offers and discounts at a later date.

The business, at 372 Halliwell Road, is open every day from 8am until 7pm, expect on Sundays, when it closes at 5pm.