AFTER years of problems, a train station’s leaking roof is finally getting fixed.

Daisy Hill train station has been plagued by problems in recent years, including a leaking roof over the flight of stairs leading to the platforms. Local councillors have reported that the issue is, at last, being fixed.

Councillor David Wilkinson spoke on the issue, saying: “It mainly rained in at the bottom of the stairs were the slope of the roof went to being flat and water could lodge.

“Glad to see some needed maintenance taking place at the station. If it been left much longer could have lead to the structure becoming much worse and possible removal.”

But passengers are still waiting for the train station to be made accessible. Last year, it was announced that funding had been secured from Access for All to make changes. The work was expected to improve access for people in wheelchairs, parents with prams or those with heavy luggage. Alterations are still yet to begin. A customer posted on Facebook: “It’s taking years to become wheelchair accessible.

“After the prices they charge nobody should have to put up with a leaking roof or to single disabled users out from travelling from this station.”

Another passenger wrote on Facebook: “All well and good putting a new roof on but I’d say its a little too late looking at how rotten the rest of the wooden panels are on the inside.”