A MAN stabbed his friend’s relative in the leg after he was accused of stealing a mobile phone.

Bolton Crown Court heard how Adam Brough had gone to Lindsay Smith’s Farnworth home to take drugs on April 6 last year.

Claire Brocklebank, prosecuting told how, staying at Mr Smith’s home, was his seven-year-old grandson and the child’s father, Anthony Mathews.

"Whilst at the house Mr Brough spoke to Mr Matthews and said he had been in a fight, he had been beaten up and he was seen to have a kitchen knife on him with a silver blade," said Miss Brocklebank.

Later, Mr Mathews went upstairs to have a shower but while he was in the bathroom, Brough sneaked into his bedroom and stole his mobile phone, an iPhone 6s worth £120. "Once Mr Mathews realised his phone was missing he got dressed, came downstairs and both himself and Mr Smith confronted the defendant, essentially accusing him of taking the phone and asking for it back," said Miss Brocklebank.

"He denied having it and is described as being aggressive and 'kicking off'."

In the doorway to the property Mr Mathews was tying his shoelace while continuing to ask for his phone back. "The defendant picked up the same knife he had been seen with and lunged towards Mr Mathews and stabbed him once to his calf," said Miss Brocklebank.

Mr Mathews headed towards his attacker and Brough swung the knife again, but his victim backed away and was not injured. Then Brough started shouting accusations at Mr Mathews.

"In the end Lindsay Smith intervened and pushed the defendant out of the house into the garden, took Mr Matthews into the house and locked the doors," said Miss Brocklebank.

Later Brough was captured on CCTV showing the stolen phone to other people and another neighbour spotted the hidden knife when he lifted his shirt.

Mr Mathews suffered a 1.5cm cut to his leg and Brough, of Gorton Street, Farnworth, pleaded guilty to causing actual bodily harm, possessing and knife and theft of a phone.

Sentencing was adjourned until Thursday so the prosecution can establish whether Mr Mathew's son witnessed the attack on his dad.