POLICE dogs and officers taking on the classroom for the day, teaching children how to avoid being lulled into bad behaviour.

From the streets into schools, prison officers, frontline police and working police dogs are giving pupils in schools across Bolton lifelong lessons.

The Actions Have Consequences workshops are being run at both high schools and primary schools in a bid to make sure young people do not find themselves getting into trouble.

Among the schools running the sessions is Bolton Parish Primary School.

Headteacher Angela Worthington said the children especially loved a visit from police dogs Jay, GG and H: “It was absolutely fantastic, the children were enthralled and really enjoyed it. I’m certain they got a lot from it.

“We do have a school dog so they are used to seeing that, but that is a little cockapoo so they really enjoyed seeing the police dogs.”

Even teachers got involved with some of the more daring sides of the sessions – helping to demonstrate that police dogs are trained to chase potential criminals.

Teachers wore special mitts that the dogs bit down on, showing how they would make a catch.

The headteacher said: “The members of staff appeared to be not doing what the police man said, so the dogs went on alert.

“It was teaching that if you are ever approached by a police dog you should stand firm and do the right thing.”

Other lessons learned at the workshops included those of prison officers, Mrs Worthington said: “The prison officers were showing what a prison sentence would look like and what that would feel like.

“It was about making the right choices and about how it is hard to make the right choice when under pressure, like being asked to take drugs or to steal.

“When you are under pressure, that’s when you may make a choice you regret.”

Primary student Mahin said: When the policemen came in I really enjoyed myself, they taught us life skills and how to be aware of your surroundings. I thought the experience was brilliant and I think every school should get a chance to have a visit.

The workshops will also be coming to Smithills High today and Rivington and Blackrod High on Friday.