A BANNED driver’s attempt to escape justice by giving police his pal’s name was foiled when he couldn’t spell it.

Police were alerted to Goran Bewiyani’s lies when he did not appear to be able to spell his own name and his fingerprints confirmed their suspicions.

At Bolton Magistrates' Court 43-year-old Bewiyani pleaded guilty to driving whilst banned, drink driving, having no insurance and obstructing police.

Steve Woodman, prosecuting, told the court how police stopped the Audi A3 Bewiyani on Manchester Road, Bolton, just before 3am on Tuesday. "When officers began to ask Mr Bewiyani about his details he stated that he didn't know how to spell his name," said Mr Woodman.

The name he gave was similar to that on the car's insurance, but when police arrested him after he tested positive for drink driving and he was taken to the police station, they found his true identity via his fingerprints. They also learnt that Bewiyani was banned from driving for a previous drink driving offence.

Bewiyani, a father-of-six, told them the car's owner had been staying at Bewiyani's Rogerstead, Bolton, flat and he had drunk one and a half glasses of whisky with him.

But at 2.30am he had become hungry and decided to head for a takeaway, borrowing his pal's car without permission.

At the fast food shop he met friends and agreed to give them a lift home and was stopped by police on the journey.

"He says 'yes, I've been foolish. I am sorry'," said Peter Leather, defending. "If he had walked to the take away non of these offences would have taken place."

Magistrates sentenced Bewiyani to 20 weeks in prison, suspended for 18 months. He was fined £100, ordered to participate in 20 days of rehabilitation activities and must pay £207 in costs and charges. He was also banned from the roads for a further 40 months.