THERE are a number of roadworks expected to cause serious delays over the weekend.

Blackburn Road will have temporary traffic lights at off-peak hours today. Workers will be carrying out manhole repairs.

Lane closures during off-peak hours will continue over the weekend until Sunday on Bridgman Place for electricity works.

Lower Bridgman Street, at the junction with Gorton Street, will also have a lane closure during off-peak hours on Sunday.

Hough Lane, Darwen Road to Eagley Brow, will stay closed as a new gas main is fitted until January 25.

Partington Street will be closed during off-peak hours until next Friday for resurfacing.

Weston Street, at the rail bridge, will be closed from 10pm to 5am until Saturday for bridge maintenance by Network Rail.

Wigan Road in Westhoughton, outside the former police station, will have stop and go boards at off-peak times today for water works. Temporary traffic lights at the junction with Wearish lane will end.