AN innovative e-learning firm is set to launch its own interactive video production tool to cover a range of flashpoint scenarios.

Near-Life will this week unveil CREATOR, their bespoke cloud-based video authoring platform, at a London industry showcase.

The aim of the move is to give designers and producers the ability to create their own learning content.

Late last year it was reported that Near-Life had been selected by the World Health Organisation to develop an emergency field hospital virtual reality project, through an Innovate UK grant.

And the Great Moor Street venture has also previously worked with the Norwegian Refugee Council on a video-based 'humanitarian toolbox' initiative.

Speaking ahead of CREATOR's arrival at the Learning Technologies 2020 gathering, chief executive Mike Todd, said: "Our mission is to improve the way people learn.

"We want to make learning more interactive, immersive and engaging. Crafting real world scenarios with relevant choices is easy with Near-Life CREATOR.

"The results allow for the delivery of meaningful content, resulting in a richer learning experience and improved knowledge retention.

"We aim to push the boundaries in the world of immersive learning and Near-Life CREATOR will be instrumental in helping us to achieve our strategic goals."

One aim of the launch is to provide the tools so designers can reproduce any real-life experience, so users can be trained in how to handle tricky negotiations in the street, at border patrols or camps.

Those taking part are asked to use clickable on-screen 'hot spots', when asked to make a decision.

Their interactions and choices, as they progress, can then be scored for trainers to analyse. Separate branding can be incorporated in the finished scenario and time limits can even be placed on any one mission.

The firm has also designed the platform so it is compatible with a number of popular video applications. Professional consultants would also be on hand to assist with scenario development.