Christine McGuinness has revealed her third child has been diagnosed with autism in an emotional post on Instagram.

Christine, who is married to Bolton comic Paddy, previously said she believed her youngest daughter Felicity had the same condition as six-year-old twins Leo and Penelope.

Writing on social media, Christine spoke lovingly about her "three extra special children".

She said: "Recently our youngest daughter Felicity was also diagnosed with autism, three years after our twins Leo and Penelope were diagnosed.

"Going through this journey again does still bring some heartache knowing all three children will face challenges and difficulties that others won’t.

"But ultimately I feel confident as a family we are in a much stronger place, we are able to use our experience and knowledge as power helping us to feel well prepared.

"We are here to love and support our three extra special children and I thank god every day these babies are mine."

Christine's followers offered messages of support, with one saying: "From one ASD mum to another, thank you for these words of hope. We are currently really struggling, but the bad days make the good days shine even brighter. Thank you for helping me feel I am not alone."

Another said: "You are both such amazing parents. Sending all my love."

Last year Paddy spoke out on Twitter to slam an 'ignorant tool' who took him to task for using a blue badge while on a trip out with his children.

He said: "The ignorance and sheer pomposity of telling someone they don’t look disabled really makes my blood boil!

"How does someone have to look to have a disability? #ignorance."