One little girl has been giving back to Farnworth.

Five-year-old Ruby River is creating lots of little acts of kindness to make a big impact to her community over the year.

The scheme, Be the Impact, is associated with her current pageant title of Pure International Tot Hong Kong.

Ruby was crowned the UK winner of the title last year, heading to the 2019 Pure International Tot finals, coming second in her age group.

She's now taken the Hong Kong title to celebrate her father's Chinese heritage.

Ali Piper, her mother, said: "The natural pageants she competes in focus on community work and when she was younger it was mostly me doing the work but now she's a bit older she's choosing her own causes.

"A lot of pageants have their own charities associated with them like Cancer Research UK but Pure encourages you to do something you care about –this is something she understands a lot more than cancer.

"She's obsessed with dogs and goes on about the poor puppies with no home so loves her Poor Puppies campaign."

Last year, Ruby donated over 50 items of food to her local foodbank, collected over 150 items for dogs, donated Easter eggs to the children's hospital, and handed out sausage rolls and socks, gloves, and hats to the homeless at Christmas.

Ali added: "Too many people think charity has to be a huge thing that only the rich can afford but it doesn’t have to be.

"You can make a difference in people’s lives with small, simple acts which hopefully encourages them to do the same, we can all do one act of kindness or goodness everyday.

"Teaching children so young to care about those around us and help people – and puppies as she would say – will hopefully create life long habits that she will pass onto her children.

"If anyone would be interested in sponsoring her, even if its a pound, it would be a huge help and she would love people getting behind the Poor Puppies collection."

Search for #poorpuppies on Facebook to get involved.