With Valentine's Day just a few days away, the region's favourite sex positions are being revealed to get everyone in the mood.

The North West's favourite kind of flirty fun is the reverse cowgirl, according to new research.

This makes for an adventurous break from the rest of the UK, as 11 cities named missionary as their all-time favourite.

But owns across the region have been getting it on in all kinds of ways — with Bolton naming 69 as its favourite, Rochdale getting cheeky with the lotus position and Manchester sending internet searches for the eagle flying.

Research site onbuy.co.uk analysed the most Google search terms to come up with the list, also conducting a nationwide survey to find out what turns on cities across the UK.

The Bolton News:

Data reveals the eagle is the most-searched sex position in the UK — 150,730 people have Googled “eagle sex position” in the last month! This is believed to be thanks to last year’s Love Island when one of the villa stars marked it as their favourite.

Without further ado, here are the sex positions most loved and searched for across the region:

  • Blackburn — Missionary
  • Blackpool — Cowgirl
  • Bolton — 69
  • Manchester — Eagle
  • Oldham — 69
  • Rochdale — Lotus
  • Sale — Reverse cowgirl
  • Salford — Reverse cowgirl
  • Warrington — Reverse cowgirl
  • Wigan — Reverse cowgirl