BOLTON South-East MP Yasmin Qureshi is urging the government to ban the import animal hunting 'trophies'.

Minister are now considering the results of a public consultation on the issue.

Labour justice spokesman Ms Qureshi said: "I am opposed to the cruel and barbaric practice of animal ‘trophy’ importation, and believe that the UK should follow the examples of France, Australia, and the Netherlands which have all restricted the ability of their citizens to import hunting ‘trophies’.

"Killing animals to display their heads, horns, antlers or hides as trophies is cruel and unjustifiable, and only helps push endangered wildlife closer to extinction. That is why I support ending the import of wild animal trophies from threatened species.

"The trade is often used as a cover for illegal poaching as traffickers pass off illegal wildlife products as legal, and provides a loophole through which people are allowed to trade in the body parts of endangered animals. I will continue to push for a ban."