BOLTON West MP Chris Green has backed a General Medical Council call to improve the working conditions of doctors.

Last year it produced a specially-commissioned report outlining what was needed to support frontline NHS professionals.

Last week Conservative backbencher Mr Green attended a GMC Parliamentary reception to discuss the recommendations of the document 'Caring for Doctors Caring for Patients'

It said NHS organisations needed to have a 'culture of compassion' which promoted fairness and fostered staff wellbeing while meeting doctors' needs for autonomy, belonging and competence.

The report warned that 'neglect, incivility, blaming and harassment' had an adverse impact on doctor's wellbeing and patient care.

It made recommendations on workload, leadership and team working.

Mr Green said “The reception was incredibly productive and key proposals have been set out to help support the working environment of the medical staff we all rely on.

“I will continue to press for continued contributions to help support our healthcare professionals and maintain a motivated future workforce”