(Warning the video contains strong language)

POLICE were called when a man was videoed shouting 'boom boom' and making trigger signs on the steps of Bolton Library.

A large crowd gathered on Le Mans Crescent at around 10am when a man allegedly started shouting in the street.

Construction workers working on the redevelopment of The Octagon gathered during the commotion.

Eyewitnesses said he was kicking vehicles outside the building and making a number of hand gestures, including a cut throat sign.

The Bolton News:

He also allegedly ran at a construction worker, who hid behind a pillar close to The Wellsprings.

The incident was captured on video.

One eyewitness said: "He was there for about 40 minutes shouting 'boom boom', doing trigger gestures with his hand and then doing cut throat gestures.

"A coach full of kids pulled up while he was sat on the library steps and we shouted for them to get the kids inside."

Police arrived at the scene just after 10am.

One eyewitness, who said he rang the police, said: "I rang the cops more than 15 minutes ago and it has taken them all this time to come. 

"It's crazy. Anything could have happened in that time."

It is understood the man has not been detained. He was seen walking away from the area after speaking with police.

Greater Manchester Police have been approached for comment. 

More to follow.