POLICE have warned shoppers that they may hear "loud noises" or see large numbers of officers at the Manchester Arndale tonight.

It comes as GMP runs special training exercises to prepare for potential incidents or "real-life scenarios" at the shopping centre.

The officers will be joined by paramedics and firefighters who will also take part in the exercise.

This follows a number of criminal incidents at the centre over the last year, including one in October 2019 in which several people were stabbed.

Ahead of the training, a spokesman for GMP released a statement: "Officers from Greater Manchester Police alongside partners from NWAS and GMFRS will be taking part in a pre-planned routine training exercise within Manchester City Centre at Manchester Arndale this evening after the centre has closed.

"During this time, if you are within the area – you may hear loud noises coming from the centre however please do not be alarmed or concerned.

"This activity forms part of GMP’s on-going commitment to ensure officers have substantial training in real-life scenarios.

"There is nothing to suggest an immediate threat in Greater Manchester."