A MAN caught with a stun gun in his car door pocket claimed to have bought it from the Wish website which was selling it as a Halloween prank.

Bolton Crown Court heard how police visiting Colin Davies’ home in Railway Street, Leigh, for an unrelated matter, found the illegal weapon.

Patrick Williamson, prosecuting, told the court that the gun was functional and 57-year-old Davies said he had bought it two years ago.

“He said he put it in his car and forgot about it. However, it was pointed out that he had, in fact, changed his car relatively recently. He had no explanation as to why he had done nothing at that stage,” said Mr Williamson.

“There is no evidence it was used in any way. It is not entirely clear why he bought it in the first place.”

Davies pleaded guilty to possessing the stun gun.

James Preece, defending, said that Davies worked on a farm when he was younger and used a stun gun then to control cattle.

“He saw a stun gun being advertised on the Wish website. He saw that it cost £8 and out of curiosity he decided to purchase the item,” said Mr Preece.

“He says that the decision to purchase the item was a moment of madness which he regrets but he always intended, when he got around to it, to dispose of it.”

Recorder Tom Gilbart sentenced Davies to a community order for 12 months and ordered that he be electronically tagged and made subject to a 7pm to 7am curfew for three months. In addition he must participate in 15 days of rehabilitation activities.

He told Davies: “Weapons are very dangerous things and the court is required to take them seriously, especially a weapon such as this. I think now you appreciate that even if you didn’t before.”