SPEED cameras can be frustrating for drivers who get caught.

But, they are an important tool in keeping people safe, especially in areas where speeding is a major problem.

There are 18 permanent cameras in Bolton which Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) keep track of.

This includes some of the town's busiest (and potentially most dangerous) routes. For example, Chorley New Road has two cameras and there are others set up in Crompton Way, Trinity Street and St Peters Way.

On their website, TFGM explain the logic behind the cameras and the reason they are put in place.

They say: "Safety cameras are a valuable and cost-effective way to discourage people from speeding or jumping traffic lights, and to identify drivers who ignore the warnings.

"So they work in two ways: by actually slowing traffic at dangerous points to reduce the risk of collisions at the time, and by catching offending drivers so that they will be less likely to drive dangerously in the future."

Adding: "The only purpose of safety cameras is to reduce the number of serious injuries and deaths on our roads."

You can search through the list of permanent speed cameras here: