THE recent nationalisation of Northern Rail should be the blueprint for taking the rest of the network into public ownership, Bolton South-East MP Yasmin Qureshi has said.

The Labour justice spokeswoman has urged ministers to repeat their action last month across the country.

She said: “As a frequent user of the rail network, I can attest to the poor rail service we experience in the North.

“Months ago, I joined a number of other Northern MPs and Mayor Andy Burnham in calling for an inquiry into Northern Rail’s handling of our rail network, in the hope that this would result in Northern Rail being stripped of this franchise. I am glad to see that this has now happened.

“I have no faith that the Government will learn from this shambolic episode and support bringing the railway system back into public ownership.

“Despite this, I have written to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps and raised this with him. I will continue to campaign to bring the railway system into public ownership.”