A WOMAN thought she was going to die after a desperate drug addict kidnapped her and forced her to go on a 20 minute drive.

Carley Edgington had just got into her car parked on Castle Street, The Haulgh when stranger, Jason Oudomvilay jumped into the passenger seat beside her.

After demanding cash, which she did not have, he forced her to drive to Breightmet then searched her for jewellery.

“I didn’t believe I was going to get through the evening alive. I honestly thought he was going to kill me,” Miss Edgington said in a victim statement read out at Bolton Crown Court.

She finally escaped when Oudomvilay got out of the vehicle to knock on a door in Lydgate Avenue, Breightmet.

“I don’t know how I managed to get away. I just had to take a chance to drive away while I could. I don’t know how I didn’t have an accident, I was so panicked,” said Miss Edgington, who says she has been left unable to sleep and suffering flashbacks.

Oudomvilay, aged 40, of Bradford Street, Bolton, was jailed for seven years and four months after pleading guilty to kidnap and attempted robbery as well as burglaries at Aldi in Trinity Street and the Frurt frozen yoghurt shop on Marsden Road.

Judge Timothy Stead told him: “You caused this woman to drive her own car an appreciable distance in circumstances where she believed she was not going to end the night alive.”

Justin Hayhoe, prosecuting, told how 32-year-old Miss Edgington had walked to her car at 10.30pm on the evening of July 20 last year in order to meet her father to give him a lift.

But after she got into her Peugeot 308 and started to reverse she saw a man walking towards her and initially thought he wanted directions.

But heroin and cocaine addict Oudomvilay, who was sweating and agitated due to drug withdrawal, got into her front passenger seat via an unlocked door.

“She asked him to leave and he refused and he then said she should give him £5,” said Mr Hayhoe.

“She began to be scared about what he might do.”

When she said she didn’t have any cash he demanded she drive to Breightmet.

“He then threatened her saying, ‘If you don’t drive to Breightmet I have got needles’,” said Mr Hayhoe.

No needles were produced but Miss Edgington was so afraid of what might happen that she did as she was told, and he then searched her for jewellery, but she was not wearing any.

Mark Friend, defending, stressed that the kidnap was not planned as Oudomvilay was waiting on Castle Street for his dealer when he spotted Miss Edgington.

Four days later Oudomvilay and an accomplice burgled the Aldi store in Trinity Street, causing £5,000 worth of damaged when they smashed a window to steal alcohol, worth £150.

On June 28, Oudomvilay and another man had also burgled Frurt, wearing high viz jackets and putting out cones in the road in order to divert suspicion from what they were doing.

Mr Friend said that Oudomvilay, who has 43 previous convictions for 90 offences, had suffered the break-up of a long term relationship.

“Regrettably, he returned to the misuse of class A drugs, both heroin and cocaine, on what can only be described as a prodigious scale,” she said, adding that Oudomvilay regrets the effect his behaviour has had on the kidnap victim.

“He is genuinely and sincerely sorry for what he ultimately caused this complainant to fear,” he said.