A MOTORIST was caught drink driving after reluctantly giving his mother-in-law a lift home.

Bolton magistrates heard how Kabir Ahmed had returned home from a work night out and was persuaded to take his wife’s mother, who had been helping to look after the children, home.

But Shazia Aslam, prosecuting, told how, on the return journey to his Deane Road home at 12.30am on January 27, Ahmed’s BMW One series car was spotted by police driving on College Way, Bolton, at high speed.

The officers followed the car, but when Ahmed saw it he pulled into Gibraltar Street, locked the vehicle and ran off, throwing the keys under a Ford Focus on Beaconsfield Road.

“The defendant then tried to hide under another vehicle,” said Miss Aslam.

When caught, Ahmed admitted having drunk alcohol and a breath test showed he was over the drink drive limit.

Ahmed, aged 27, pleaded guilty to drink driving. The court heard that the shop worker has no previous convictions.

Jane Novas-Morell, defending, told magistrates: “He very much regrets what took place.

“On that particular day he had been out for a meal with some work colleagues.

“He had consumed two or three glasses of brandy. On this particular day he hadn’t taken the vehicle and had arranged to get a lift back.”

But she said that when he arrived home his mother-in-law was there helping with his twin children, who are severely disabled.

“Because of the time of day she wasn’t comfortable getting a taxi back to her address," said Mrs Novas-Morell.

“The defendant, aware that he has had a drink, disputes that he is intoxicated, and tries everything to avoid having to get into the vehicle.”

Because of the late hour, no other family members were able to help.

“He decided to take the risk and drive his mother-in-law to Great Lever,” said Mrs Novas-Morell.

"It was on the way back that he was stopped by the police officer.

"He made a rather naive attempt at escaping detection when he saw the police vehicle behind him. He was in a blind panic.

“He very much regrets what happened. It is entirely out of character.”

She added that Ahmed will now have to take two buses to work in Eccles and the effect on his family of him not being able to drive will be "dire".

Ahmed was banned from driving for 13 months, fined £80 and ordered to pay £117 in costs and charges.