THE businessman behind the popular Manfredi brand of ice-cream has died.

Well known John Manfredi, whose ice-creams are enjoyed throughout Bolton, died at the age of 89 on February 5. A requiem mass took place this week at St Brendan's RC Church.

The Bolton News:

His son Paul, who delivered the eulogy, said: "My father was a local man. He was known and loved by many."

Mr Manfredi was born in Hindley, before the family moved to Daubhill where Manfredi's Ice-cream business was based.

Mr Manfredi started working in the family ice-cream business as a teenager. It was started by his grandfather, who brought the Italian tradition for quality ice-cream to the area. Soon after the end of the Second World War his father passed away suddenly at the age of 47.

The Bolton News:

Together with his brother, Louie and sister, Caterina were left to run the family business. Mr Manfredi was only 17 at the time. Today the business is more than 100 years old.

Paul said: "In late February 1959, at the age of 29 dad decided he needed a wife. Dad was a go-getter and true to Manfredi form he went to his village in Italy and met my mother Leonilla.

"He courted and married her in ten days. After all, he couldn’t waste much time as the summer was coming , and in his words, 'with a seasonal business you had to make hay whilst the sun shone'.”

The couple had four children ­— John, Maria, Linda and Paul.

As well as running the business, Mr Manfredi enjoyed collecting coins and antiques, particularly spirit kettles.

The Bolton News:

Paul said: "Whilst growing up we all worked in the family business ­—we were even sent to sell ice-cream when it was snowing. Manfredi’s Icecream was more than a business for us, it was a lifestyle. It was truly an honour to work and grow up in the business and my dad poured his heart and soul into making it the success that it was.

The Bolton News:

" Mr Manfredi worked until he was 67-years-old before he retired, spending time with his six grandchildren.

"He said he was busier when he retired then when he was working," said Paul, who added, "Dad was loved and admired by so many and we are all very proud of him."