A TOWN centre takeaway boss has hit out at yobs terrorising his restaurant.

Staff at Jaffa Restaurant in Bolton say the takeaway has been targeted by a group of teenagers over the last week ­— with the vandalism getting worse in the past couple of days.

Nadif Barghuti, 53, who owns the takeaway, in Deansgate, said: “In the past five or six days about 15 youths aged about 15 have been targeting my business, and I am sure other businesses in the town centre.”

On Monday the group damaged the window of the restaurant.

Mr Barghuti said that at around 7.30pm some of the group who had been intimidating the business for several days entered the premises “using foul language” and breaking one of the windows with a traffic cone.

He said: “We put the shutters down with two of the group remaining inside. The ones on the outside kept kicking the shutters trying to break them until the police came.”

The group returned again on Tuesday, around the same time, with Mr Barghuti saying they shouted foul language at him.

He added: “One of the boys threw two beer bottles at me as I stood outside. Luckily he missed me and hit the glass, but no damage was caused.”

The police were called and spoke to the youths.

Mr Barghuti has only been running the business since September 2019, and says he is worried that these incidents could negatively affect his trade.

He said: “The town centre is run by thugs.They are a menace to the town. Today we are bracing ourselves for further mayhem.”

Sergeant Peter Crowe, who is part of the Bolton Town Centre policing team, said that an “investigation is progressing” into the incidents.

He said: “Bolton has a problem with kids as most towns do.”

But he said his team was working to resolve the problem and that was no more anti-social behaviour in Bolton than anywhere else.

Sgt Crowe and his team are providing advice to local business who feel under threat from similar issues.