THIS is the new Oasis-themed bar Definitely Maybe ­— in the former Bergerac's nightspot in Bolton ­— and it's even run by the Gallagher brothers.

Mark and Paul Gallagher (sorry, not Liam and Noel) refurbished the venue, previously occupied by Maya’s and Bergerac’s, this winter and have given it a new lease of life with plush seats and copper fittings.

The family-run underground bar will be opening in St Andrew’s Court tomorrow evening.

Definitely Maybe, which takes its name from the debut album of Britpop stars Oasis, is a relaxed, upmarket addition to Bolton’s bar scene.

Mark, 34, said: “We have been talking about doing it for years.

“We had a quiet period during the winter with the engineering firm that my brother has, using that time we decided to have look around and renovated this place.

“It has a lounge feel, we’re obviously big fans of Oasis, music and football ­— it all ties in together.

“We do plan to have live music, nothing too brash, just acoustic stuff.

“I’ve got a lot of experience with bars, I worked abroad and had a bar in Portugal for a while.”

Definitely Maybe subtly plays homage to the pair's favourite band ­­— and their namesake brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher ­— with little details such as Oasis song names inscribed on the wallpaper.

Mark added: “It's somewhere you can come and relax and not leave.

“We don’t want it to be an indie bar, somewhere grungy, we want it to be a bit more upmarket than that.

“Somewhere people who don’t like Oasis can still be happy to visit.”

The bar has a sophisticated decor, with exposed brick arches and nice touches such as USB charging points and closed-off areas, which they plan to hire out for private events.

Mark said: “We want to go for that underground feel, it looks really nice.

Nicky Cove, who works for the business, said: “Once you come in and down you can be anywhere really. We are like a little oasis down here.”

Definitely Maybe opens tomorrow at 4pm, and you can find out more via the bar’s Facebook page.