A TROUBLED dad who was addicted to crack cocaine and “spice” hanged himself in his living room after an argument over drug money.

Kristoffer Crook had suffered with severe drug and alcohol addiction - as well as depression and anxiety - for most of his adult life.

He had spent time in prison because of crimes committed in an effort to fund his habit.

At an inquest into his death, Bolton Coroners Court heard that the 35-year-old would become aggressive and throw “tantrums” if he could not get money for the illegal substances he craved.

“He was a troubled man and these troubles were really based on his substance misuse,” explained acting chief coroner Alan Walsh.

“It would seem to me that, particularly in the period leading to his death, he was desperate to get more of these substances.”

On September 13, 2019, he became involved in a heated argument with partner Laura Lowe at the flat they shared in Netherton Grove, Farnworth. He told her he “couldn’t live for seven days” without more money to buy drugs and then threatened to hang himself.

But, Mr Crook had a history of self-harm and threatening suicide and had often cut his arms in front of loved ones, including Ms Lowe and his mother Joyce Crook, so his partner said she did not believe his claims and thought it may have been an effort to convince her to find the cash somewhere.

“If he couldn’t have what he wanted he would flare up”, she said.

“He got really agitated because he wanted more crack and I had no money to buy it. We had no money and I had noone to ask for more.”

Speaking about Mr Crook’s death, the coroner also criticised Greater Manchester Mental Health Trust (GMMH) over the way he was treated.

He had been set to be discharged by the health services but the court heard that when, his case worker fell ill, Mr Crook was caught in the “ether” between being actively treated and being passed on to other organisations.

However, ultimately Mr Walsh decided that it was impossible to decide what impact these actions would have had on the man’s death or whether the case was a deliberate act of suicide or a tragically unfortunate attempt to ask for help.

Giving a narrative conclusion to the case, he said: “I am satisfied that he suspended himself by the ligature but I believe that his intentions remain unclear.”

Addressing Mr Crook’s family, he added: “I don’t think any of you could’ve done anything different because when he got into that situation he was out of control.”