Homes in the UK lose heat three times faster than those in Germany.

A new study by smart thermostat makers tado° found houses across the nation cool significantly faster, even when factoring in outside temperature.

The firm studied 80,000 homes in December and January, seeing how much heat a home lost after five hours when it was 20°C inside, and 0°C outside.

UK houses lose an average of 3°C, while German houses lost just 1°C during this time.

Norwegian homes lost 0.9°C, and residences in Sweden and Austria lost 1.2°C in the same period.

Our homes are quite comparable to those in Belgium, where they lost 2.9°C, France, losing 2.5°C, and Netherlands, losing 2.4°C after five hours.

The study identifies home insulation and energy efficiency as key topics for homeowners and the government so that it can meet its ambitious CO2 reduction targets.

Homes account for 15 per cent of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions through their use of oil & gas for heating and hot water.