FIREFIGHTERS were left perplexed by a phantom smell of smoke drifting through the town centre today.

At around 1.30pm staff at the Newsagent Convenience Store called the fire service after catching a whiff of smoke.

The Bolton News:

Three fire engines quickly arrived on the scene and firefighters, ready for action in breathing apparatus, made a beeline for the newsagents

However, after carrying out an extensive search of the shop and others nearby, no cause of smoke or fire was detected and the firefighters stood down.

The Bolton News:

Jason Riding, crew manager at Bolton Central fire station, said: "We got reports of smoke from the owners of the newsagents but when we go down there we did our inspections and couldn't find anything.

"We also used scanners and nothing showed on them either.

"The smoke could have come from anywhere. It could have been dragged in from outside. But we couldn't find anything."