IT’S not surprising rain, sleet and snow are said to be a factor in a number of road collisions, given the recent weather in Bolton.

But apparently sunshine has also caused a number of accidents, with the “dazzling sun” being blamed six times.

According to Brake, the road safety charity, the dazzle from low winter sun can be dangerous. It advises drivers to keep a pair of sunglasses in the vehicle all year round, prescription if needed, and to ensure the windscreen is clean.

The charity says to wear their sunglasses in bright sunshine, especially if the sun is low or reflecting off a wet road.

In the North West there were 255 instances in which the sun was blamed for a traffic accident and 2643 cases throughout Great Britain.

Dazzling headlights have also been named as contributory factor once in 2018 in Bolton and 27 yimes in the North West.

Nationally that figure stood at 269.

Headlight dazzle is caused by a headlight’s beam having a blinding effect for oncoming traffic.

Last year the RAC reported that half of regular drivers say they are suffering more from the effect of dazzling headlights than they were 12 months ago after carrying out its own research.