TWO suspected thieves have been caught on CCTV snooping around in people’s back yards in Horwich.
CCTV captured the two hooded men trying gates and looking around the outsides of people’s homes.
The footage, which can be viewed on the Bolton News website, was filmed on Wednesday evening on Dale Street.
One mum-of-two, who saw the video on Facebook, was shocked to see the men were looking outside her own home.
The 26-year-old told The Bolton News: “Nothing was taken but Horwich has got ridiculous for theft.
“I felt sick knowing my kids were in the house and they were looking around my garden.”
She said her eldest child was now scared and the incident has unsettled the family.
She added: “I hope someone watches this, recognises the men and reports them.”

The Bolton News:

The footage will be a concern for Horwich residents, who have experienced an increase in burglaries in recent months according to councillor Marie Brady.
Cllr Brady, who lives in the local area, said: "It is very worrying and frightening really. We lock our doors and set our alarms but it seems there is more and more people with bad intentions.
"We noticed before Christmas that there seemed to be more burglaries than usual, so we set up a Neighbourhood Watch on Whatsapp."
The group sees local residents warn others when they see something suspicious going on, allowing them to be more vigilant. 
Cllr Brady added: "If you see something, you put it in the group. We give advice to each other and if it stops someone breaking into your house then you have defended your own home."
In September, Bolton Council had urged people to get involved with a volunteer scheme designed to make communities safer.
Neighbourhood Watch groups often work with the police, their local council and other agencies to report crime, identify specific problems in their area and support vulnerable neighbours.