'VANDALS on Wheels' have been blighting green land in Farnworth by mounting the pavement and driving straight through it.

Bishops Road and Bradford Road have several stone bollards which prevent driving onto the green land, but some drivers have been cutting across regardless.

The nearby land is now full of deep tyre marks and has been cut up quite badly, with large turf pieces strewn on the pavement.

Local councillor Sue Haworth said:“It must have looked bizarre to onlookers. Vehicles literally tearing up the green outside well placed homes and gardens.”

“We were able to get the dense shrub cut back this year and get the grass cut to look attractive again after residents pleas for the area to look better. The plan is to plant some flowers too.”

“Now we are going to have to review if some more vehicle prevention bollards are needed here. We would rather drivers just cut this out so we can spend our limited ward money on the other priorities residents want.”