A DOCUMENTARY made by a group of volunteers highlighting everyday struggles with poverty premieres tonight.

'Foodbank Bolton: An insider’s view' was made by a group of volunteers at the Bolton NICE foodbank over a period of several months.

The 20-minute short film stars actor and journalist Nigel Pivaro ­— Coronation Street’s Terry Duckworth.

The group came together last year under the banner Bolton Community Smile with the intention of making a documentary about poverty, homelessness and isolation in their town.

The film uses real life experiences, with stories from those who are homeless, in poverty or caught in benefit traps, offering a vivid look into their lives.

The volunteers involved with the making of the film hope it will make the people of Bolton more aware of the issues that affect people dealing with poverty.

Martin McLoughlin, who runs the Bolton NICE charity, said: “Our people have actually been there. They’ve had problems themselves. And they know exactly when someone walks through the door what it’s like.

“I think once the people of Bolton get an opportunity to see it they will be impressed and will realise that the volunteers who work for nothing are doing a great job.

“Bolton’s got lots of problems but the fact is that these problems are not being solved.

“I hope that local councillors and politicians will look at this film to start them thinking that they should be doing other things, and more importantly that all the local charities should be linking up instead of fighting one another for funding.”

The film describes itself as a “documentary on poverty, homelessness, isolation...and washing lines”. This is in reference to the end of the documentary where the volunteers re-enact the Victorian solution the “penny hang” in the town square, which involved homeless people sleeping under shelter over a washing line, instead of exposed on the streets.

Grant McAuley, a Bolton NICE volunteer and the film's narrator, said: “We are here for the right reasons and the right purpose, which is to get the message out about poverty and homelessness, and that something has to be done.

“Let’s hope our film raises awareness and gets the people in positions of power who can start getting the ball rolling and getting things done in Bolton for these people.”

The project was filmed across the town and was made entirely by volunteers.

Brenda Edgington, one of the Bolton NICE volunteers to appear in the film said: “It’s been fantastic. We’ve all worked with each other and I think that on the night it should be great.

Foodbank Bolton: An Insider’s view premieres tonight at The Roundhouse from 8pm.

There are a limited number of tickets available. To request a ticket email boltonnice1@gmail.com.

The film is part of an Ambition for Ageing project, through the National Lottery Community Fund