A SENIOR coroner has criticised the processes at a Lancashire hospital after a young woman died from pneumonia the day after being discharged.

An inquest into the death of Rosemary Berry, known to her family as Rosie, determined that the 26-year-old died last March from natural causes.

At Bolton Coroner's Court yesterday, acting senior coroner Alan Walsh said that Lancashire Teaching Hospital Trust had already made sufficient changes following Rosie's death.

The hearing heard how Rosie, who suffered from congenital myotonic dystrophy (type one), first came to the attention of Chorley Hospital after going to visit her grandmother, Geraldine Plumley, at her Bamber Bridge home on Friday March 8, 2019.

Two days later, Rosie was found dead at her home in Cranleigh Close, Blackrod, by her step-father Russell Hayes.

Dr Patrick Waugh, a consultant histopathologist for Royal Bolton Hospital, determined that Rosie had died from bronchopneumonia caused by necrotic bronchiolitis. He also believes that her genetic condition, myotonic dystrophy, contributed to her death as it could have weakened her heart.

Concerns were raised about Rosie’s care after two doctors diagnosed her with tonsillitis, after the first doctor diagnosed her with pneumonia. No observations were recorded between 10am and 5pm during her stay, and she was discharged without any evidence to show her heart rate had dropped below 117 – an indicator of infection that could have shown antibiotics weren’t working, the hearing heard.

Mr Walsh criticised the trust for poor communication, a lack of training, and major flaws in the discharge process, but accepts new practices in place would prevent similar failings.

He added that there was no guarantee that keeping Rosie in hospital could have prevented her death.

After the inquest, Rosie’s family hugged the nurses who cared for her in hospital and paid tribute to a “wonderful” young woman.

Mrs Plumley said: “It’s been very difficult for us as a family. We lost my husband, Rosie’s mother, and Rosie in a short period of time. She was such a wonderful girl and she was loved so very much. We miss her incredibly.”