A THUG repeatedly punched his ex partner in the face and threatened to pour bleach over her.

Bolton Crown Court heard how Kyle Nicholson flew into a rage and turned up at her Farnworth home demanding to take their young daughter.

The woman, who is only 4ft 11ins tall, tried to escape the house, but he grabbed her and carried her back inside before attacking her.

Clare Thomas, prosecuting, said two weeks later 26-year-old Nicholson sent his victim a series of text messages telling her if he could not have her then no one could.

“He threatened to smash her teeth out and damage her face so no one would go near her again,” said Miss Thomas.

“He also threatened to throw bleach and acid in her face.”

And in a Whatsapp message he added: “This is the final straw. I’m going to prison for murdering you.”

Miss Thomas told how Nicholson went to his victim’s home at 4pm on July 27 last year and kicked the back door in.

She fled through the front door shouting for neighbours to call the police but Nicholson grabbed her.

“He then picked her up and dropped her because she was struggling,” said Miss Thomas.

“He then picked her up again and carried her into the house by putting her over his shoulder.”

A neighbour told how the woman used a starfish position at the doorway to try and prevent herself being taken back inside.

During the assault which followed the terrified woman suffered a bruised face and swollen eye socket.

Nicholson, of Oakhill Court, Salford, pleaded guilty to causing actual bodily harm and two counts of malicious communication.

He also admitted affray, committed on August 7 after going to see his former partner’s brother, Darren Grimes and demanding he return a bike.

Nicholson made threats then pointed an object which was initially thought to be a gun.

“He was in possession of a water bottle rather than anything more sinister,” said Mark Friend, defending.

“He accepts that his behaviour was appalling and responsibility for that falls entirely on him."

Judge Timothy Stead sentenced Nicholson to 21 months in prison and made a restraining order banning him from contacting his victims and going to Highfield Walk and Dove Walk, Farnworth for 10 years.