A CHARITY worker has appeared in court accused of fraud involving an estimated £65,000.

At Bolton Magistrates’ Court 68-year-old Barbara Clarke, who was a trustee and manager of Bolton Dementia Support appeared in the dock alongside her grandson, Scott Schofield Clarke.

She entered no plea to the charges that, between October 1 2016 and March 1 2017, she dishonestly abused her position intending to make a monetary gain for herself and possessed invoices for use in connection with fraud.

Scott Schofield Clarke, aged 20, pleaded not guilty to possessing a letter for use in connection with fraud and making false claims about being employed by Bolton Dementia Support intending to make a monetary gain for himself between January 1 and July 1, 2018. Magistrates decided the case is so serious that Clarke and her grandson, both of Higher Shady Lane, Bromley Cross, will next appear at Bolton Crown Court on April 6.